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I'll be adding more cards weekly so stop back often and see if I have anything you've been looking for. Got a great trade in mind?...Well email me, I'm interested. As always, thanks for the support and the help in building a safe and super fun Poketuber community.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Card Store News

recently added to the store for sale or trade

Cobalion Ex FA
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just opened myself a BW6 Cold Flare Japanese Booster Box =u=

Man, my first Japanese Booster Box experience was great! So many awesome pulls I got just from the first few minutes of opening it! Pulling out that White Kyurem Ex was just mind boggling to me! Too bad it wasn't a Full Art, but hey, I got nothing to complain about. Also, getting a Celebi Ex and a Keldeo Ex Full Art? I just lost my mind there! Haha! All the artworks on these cards too are just amazing. I really recommend any Pokemon card collectors to get this set. You'll enjoy yourself, I promise ;D

White Kyurem EX Japanese BW6 Cold Flare Booster Box pull
This is a scan of the actual card that I pulled!
Check out my video as well! I'm sure my reaction to each cards I pull would make you laugh XD

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heeellooo Once Again PokeTubers!

Awesome Tadashi Logo
This is my first post on my new blog TadashiStudio Live!   I'm excited because there are going to be soo many new things and events going on over the next few months.
The biggest thing is that I will be broadcasting many and maybe all of my programs live through Google+ Events and the whole show will be recorded and saved on my YouTube channel.

On top of the usual shoutouts and pack opening battle royale throwdowns each Friday night, I will be doing some outrageous raffles and pre-release openings.  And.... if all goes as planned, these will happen LIVE!  (but don't worry you won't miss a thing 'cause the videos will post to YouTube right after the show)

The site is kinda boring yet, but my GF is creating some awesome artwork for this site and for the live event site so STAY TUNED for more hilarious videos and commentary on the latest Pokemon TCG cards and collectibles.

See you soon and thanks for helping build this amazing Poketuber community channel.

Trade safe, trade great - Tadashi