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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just opened myself a BW6 Cold Flare Japanese Booster Box =u=

Man, my first Japanese Booster Box experience was great! So many awesome pulls I got just from the first few minutes of opening it! Pulling out that White Kyurem Ex was just mind boggling to me! Too bad it wasn't a Full Art, but hey, I got nothing to complain about. Also, getting a Celebi Ex and a Keldeo Ex Full Art? I just lost my mind there! Haha! All the artworks on these cards too are just amazing. I really recommend any Pokemon card collectors to get this set. You'll enjoy yourself, I promise ;D

White Kyurem EX Japanese BW6 Cold Flare Booster Box pull
This is a scan of the actual card that I pulled!
Check out my video as well! I'm sure my reaction to each cards I pull would make you laugh XD

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